If not a scam, is the company reputable? Does it handle cancellations and, more importantly, refunds in the manner it claims it will? My personal experience has lead me to conclude the company is not reputable and does not follow-through with claims made on its website.

If you have arrived at this blog post, you are probably considering a Kreyos Meteor Smartwatch purchase and conducting some research first. I, too, tried to research this product and company but found very little at that time, and certainly nothing in the form of major complaints other than the company kept pushing back its shipping date. What follows is an accounting of my personal experience with Kreyos and the loss of $179.95.

The beginning of April of this year I was searching for a birthday gift for one of my sons. While talking with a clerk in the electronics department of a local store, the clerk suggested my son may like a Kreyos Meteor Smartwatch. I’d never heard of it and the clerk explained it was a startup company that had raised funds via Indiegogo. He further explained the claimed functions/uses for the Kreyos Meteor Smartwatch and said while they were not yet shipping he had preordered one for himself. He gave me the website address. I came home to take a look.

After looking at the site I searched the web for information about the company. At the time (early April) there was very little information available. A few forums were discussing the product and some techie articles had been written. It appeared a lot of people claimed to have funded the company through Indiegogo and pre-ordered a watch. The only complaints were that the company pushed back the shipping date several times. I could find no other information indicating it may be a scam or that the company was bilking people. So, I decided to pre-order a Kreyos Meteor Smartwatch for my son’s birthday. Since the smartwatch is rather expensive, my other three sons agreed to go in on the gift with me.

I ordered the watch on April 9 and my credit card was charged on April 10 for the full amount plus shipping. On his birthday, I provided my son with a printed photo of the watch and the website address explaining that the watch would be shipping sometime in May. Unfortunately, my son later advised me he did not think the smartwatch would be useful to him.

On May 2 I sent an initial email to Kreyos requesting cancellation of and refund for my order, providing them with my order number. I sent subsequent emails on May 15 and July 10 requesting confirmation of my order cancellation and an immediate refund to my credit card. Those emails included the prior emails. None of my emails came back as “undeliverable” and the Kreyos group has never contacted me.  Between my May 15 and July 10 emails I once again attempted to search the web for any new information of other people’s experiences with the company.  At the time, I found only two posts (#21 an #27) on one new forum thread by individuals claiming to have actually received refunds after cancelling orders.

As of the end of business yesterday, July 31, 2014, my credit card has never been refunded for the purchase nor have I received the watch. I am left with no alternative but to conclude Kreyos is either a financially troubled and unreliable company, at best, or at worst it has purposefully scammed me out of $179.95.

I am posting this as fair warning to anyone considering purchasing a Kreyos Meteor Smartwatch.  DON’T!



Today is one month since Steve died.  One month is nothing.  Thirty years, eight months exactly to the day he died… that’s some time considering we were both a little older on June 20, 1979, the day we began seeing each other.  Memories flood back when you least expect it.  We had some great times; really great times.  Like most couples, there were some bad times too.  So many memories and moments – laughter, tears, joys, sorrows, dreams and hopes, heartaches – that only the two of us knew and shared.  Now, the only person who also knew is gone.  Now, the sweet memories tear at the heart like a dull serrated knife.

For sure the grieving process sucks big-time.

Two weeks

Two weeks is not a long time.  Yet, it seems like ages ago, and at the same time just yesterday.  For those with experience, we know time eases the pain of our loss so that it becomes a little more bearable although never completely gone.  I’m torn between wishing to be beyond these early stages of pain and grief, and at the same time wanting to cling to the closeness of the shared memories and laughter of the recent past as if nothing has changed.  But, everything has changed.  Much to our shock and anger, the world obliviously marches on.  Time does not stand still and the clock cannot be turned back.  Accepting it is the hardest part.

America Rising

America Rising: An Open Letter to Democrat Politicans

h/t AoSHQ

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New year, new decade

May each be better than its predecessor.

Happy New Year everyone!

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Merry Christmas to all!

Remember the men and women of the United States military who are in distant lands this Christmas protecting our right to celebrate in whatever manner we choose, and who are not able to spend Christmas with their loved ones this year.


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