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Computer woes

On the evening of April 16th, I decided to do a QuickTime (version 7.4.5) update on my iMac which Software Updater had notified was available. Everything appeared to go smoothly with the update, that is, until I restarted the computer. Nothing. It just sat there with the Apple logo and the little spinning wheel — for forever. When I started it with the Panther (OS X 10.3.9) CD and attempted a permission repair with Disk Utility, it returned various errors and could not fix the permissions. LIkewise, Repair Disk also returned errors and could not repair the damage. I tried everything. Disk Warrior (v. 3) got stuck on Step 5 just looking for data. [Note to self: purchase DiskWarrior 4.]

To make a very ugly and long story short, one new purchase of a 500 Gb external hard drive, two additional purchases of additional and expensive recovery software, and nine days later, I finally managed to recover as much data as possible with the DiskWarrior software I already owned. I just had to be patient and let it run for a day and a half. 🙄 The next step was to do a reinstall (in place) of just the operating system so the computer would be able to start on its own. Now the computer finally works again. Unfortunately, not all applications remained installed, and I’m still sorting out the ones I’ll need to reinstall. Some of my web browser plug-ins are also no longer installed. In addition, some of my email was lost, most particularly, the email in the Inbox when the computer crashed is gone, as well as a few other email folders. I’m almost finished sorting out and refiling all the email that was recovered. What a time-consuming mess that’s been!

In the midst of all the problems, Steve put me in contact with a local Mac genius. We spoke on the phone last Wednesday morning for almost an hour. One of the nifty pieces of software he uses will clone my hard drive for simple recovery in the event of future crashes. It’s called Super Duper! and it certainly is cheap enough. I intend to get it and use it as soon as I can get the iMac back to normal. At that point, I could clone the harddrive to the external disk, then completely wipe the internal disk, thereafter moving the cloned copy back onto the internal. Well, I think that’s how it works. Unfortunately, the external drive I just purchased is USB, and my operating system requires a firewire external for such purposes. Still, the purchase will be worth it so I won’t have to go through the agony and frustration of this last week and a half.

During all this time, some pretty cool things, and one not so cool thing, also happened. I’ll be posting about those as time permits.

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