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Looks good.  Plus, I’d be happy to spend a little money on a film that turns Michael Moore into a patriot, even if it is just fantasy.

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Congratulations to Miss Utah, Jill Stevens!

America’s Choice

Miss Utah, America’s Choice

Miss Utah, Jill Stevens (Keith Johnson, Deseret Morning News)

Deseret Morning News reporter, Joseph M.Dougherty, has a nice article, “Jill Stevens: ‘America’s choice’ — Yet Michigan’s Kirsten Haglund crowned Miss America 2008.” The article includes a Gallery of Photos from the event in addition to the above photo. There is also this quote from Stevens’ mother as well as quotes from others who know her.

Shortly after Stevens was eliminated, her mother, Karen Stephens, told the Deseret Morning News that her daughter would “rather be America’s Choice than any other candidate.”

HOOOAH! That is exactly why America loves her. It was clear to anyone who watched TLC’s Miss America Reality Check and last night’s pageant that Jill Stevens, not the advisors or judges, understood what Miss America should represent, and that it wasn’t all about her.

According to KUTV reporter Fields Moseley’s video report from Las Vegas, of the 7,000 Miss American fans in attendance at last night’s event, Jill Stevens had the “biggest contingent of supporters.” He also noted:

I was told today that Google hits were tracked for her [Miss Utah] by Google.com. 15,000. That was ten times more than any other Miss American contestant. Certainly an inspiration and interest to a lot of different people out there.

The report also includes footage of Jill Stevens doing push-ups on stage after she was eliminated by the judges.

KUTV.com has another nice write-up by Doug Ware, “‘Miss Utah’ Turns Heads And Wins Applause At Miss America Pageant”:

… one of the pageant’s most sought after contestants for international news media.

Stevens has been profiled in recent weeks by local and world news media, and this week she has found herself dodging entertainment reporters — rather than enemy fire in this different type of battle zone.

Clearly, she was a favorite with a lot of people, but not a favorite with TLC’s Miss America Reality Check advisors (who, in the very last episode, dissed Miss Utah as, and I paraphrase, “all about the military”). Apparently they absurdly believe being in the military is antithesis to the Miss America image. Obviously, she was also not a favorite with the Miss America judges as they eliminated her after the very first competition (“fitness”). It would also seem the Miss America organization itself isn’t thrilled with America’s Choice as it makes no mention of it on the front page of the web site. The site doesn’t even have an official press release regarding America’s Choice that I could find, although they do briefly mention it in the official announcement of the 2008 Miss America winner. They made the America’s Choice a big deal, we bit, and then they ignore it? Hello!

Having watched all the TLC Miss America Reality Check episodes and last night’s Miss America Pageant (until they knocked out America’s Choice, whereupon I shut the television off in disgust), I can’t see where this new PR strategy has won the hearts and minds of Americans. If anything, it has angered and turned off a lot of us who, no doubt, will revert to our past years’ choice not to watch.

I found TLC’s Miss America Reality Check, for the most part, a disgustingly undignified program, unsuitable for a Miss America pageant. While the show and its advisor’s repeatedly claimed a desire to update the Miss America image into something more modern, and by inference better, it failed. Their definition of “modern” clearly is not the definition shared by tens of thousands of Americans. The hair and make-up makeovers were the only productive part of the entire fiasco. The rest was designed to remake the contestants into an indistinguishable group of self-absorbed, prancing, beauty starlets willing to debase themselves in pursuit of a beauty crown. While Miss Utah kept an open mind to the criticisms and recommended changes, she refused to give up her essential self and become one of the herd. For me, that quality alone, embodies a huge part of what today’s Miss America should be. Her good humor, dignity, strength of character, integrity, and faithfulness to self was never more evident as when she competed in the “fitness” (swimsuit) competition wearing a very sexy, yet one piece suit, while all the other contestants wore nearly identical bikinis, some of which appeared to be nothing more than thongs with half their butts hanging out. Frankly, I was embarrassed for them.

Even though she did not win the Miss America crown, in my mind, Miss Utah represents exactly what today’s Miss America should. I was extremely impressed with her in the video of her SRTV interview at her YouTube page where she likens the Miss America organization to the Army.

If the purpose of incorporating TLC’s Miss American Reality Check and “America’s Choice” into the Miss America pageant this year was to garner new interest in America’s ever increasing disinterest in the pageant over the last four or more years, it was, IMO, a miserable failure. Further, the organization missed out on a huge opportunity to update its image in precisely the way it claimed it wanted. Instead, we got an “updated” (read, sleazy) version of the same old, same old. The Miss America organization is the big loser in all this. Miss Utah, Jill Stevens, is the biggest winner. I expect to hear great things about her in the future.

Gateway Pundit also has a post. The comments there reflect some of the same sentiments.

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UPDATE (3:43:25 pm EST): Fixed typos and reworded one phrase for clarity.
UPDATE (8:17:55 pm EST): For anyone searching for a YouTube video of Miss Utah’s push-ups at the pageant (other than the KUTV.com video report linked above) , I finally found this one.

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I emailed this video to a couple family members two weeks ago and also meant to post it but forgot.

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Today and tomorrow (before 3:00 pm Eastern) are the last two days you can vote for Miss Utah in TLC’s Miss America Reality Check “America’s Choice” contest. If you haven’t already been casting your daily vote, please do so today and tomorrow.

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While I like all 40 of these political cartoons, the #1 and #4 cartoons tickle me the most. (via The Jawa Report)

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