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America Rising: An Open Letter to Democrat Politicans

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Let Your Voice Be Heard: A Message From Congressman Mike Pence”

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Hey Mom

I hope you never need a pacemaker.  Predsident Obama says maybe you’d be better off taking a “pain killer” instead of having the surgery.

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Even thought it’s probably a waste of my time, I contacted my senators earlier to voice my opposition to the proposed healthcare legislation.  Have you?

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Two main bills are being rushed through Congress with the goal of combining them into a finished product by August. Under either, a new government bureaucracy will select health plans that it considers in your best interest, and you will have to enroll in one of these “qualified plans.” If you now get your plan through work, your employer has a five-year “grace period” to switch you into a qualified plan. If you buy your own insurance, you’ll have less time.

Don’t want it?  Too bad.  First you’ll be fined, then you’ll be “automatically enrolled in a randomly selected plan”. Really, go read it.
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