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Looks good.  Plus, I’d be happy to spend a little money on a film that turns Michael Moore into a patriot, even if it is just fantasy.

(H/T Mrs. Greyhawk’s Dawn Patrol)

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Boycott Redacted

You may have noticed I have this new graphic in the sidebar.


A week or so ago I watched an online trailer for Redacted, a movie which portrays, ad nauseam, American soldiers as wanton murderers, as rapists, and generally as war criminals. It’s the work product of lying, cheating, cowardly, traitorous scum, Brian De Palma and Mark Cuban. I don’t have words to describe the effect watching that trailer had on me. It’s a gigantic wet dream for the anti-war America-hating crowd. Watching it brought back the overwhelming anger and disgust I had for that same crowd during the Vietnam era. Enraged doesn’t begin to cover it. And, no, I am not going to link to it.

Today, via Gathering of Eagles, I learned there’s a movement afoot for an active boycott of the movie at Boycott Redacted. Check it out. I particularly enjoyed the video clip titled, Redacted: A Case for Treason. The site also seems to be calling for active protests at the various Landmark Theatres owned by Mark Cuban, the producer. From the current list of participating organizations and groups, I expect this boycott to pick up steam.

It’s no longer the 60’s, baby. This time around the silent majority knows we are not a minority, and we will not allow our faithful troops to be vilified this way. We will make our outrage known. We will cover their backs while they’re protecting ours. We will not stand idly by while the enemy within aids the enemy over there. I look for this to be a barn burner of a boycott.

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