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Or, How the War was Won (Part one). With his usual clarity, Greyhawk (once again in Iraq) shows us the one simple truth about why we won. Read it all.

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Mother of five. Widow of Air Force Major Troy Gilbert. Blackfive’s latest Someone You Should Know. Be sure to watch the video all the way through to the end. Also read Blackfive’s links to My Pet Jawa and Strata-sphere. It doesn’t take that long. Then pass the links on to your friends. Nothing highlights the courage, honor, and commitment of our military men and women, and their families, as well as the traitorous dishonor of the MSM in giving coverage to terrorist propaganda.

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Recruiting Goals

All services, except Army and Air National Guard, met or exceeded their recruiting and retention goals for August. Is there something about the Reserve that’s more appealing than the Guard?

From this personal enlistment story, it wouldn’t seem the Army has relaxed its standards or tossed aside any stupid rules.  Doesn’t cycling someone for 2 years on “maturity issues” work against the Army’s claim it turns boys into men?

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People either get it, or they don’t. Unfortunately, not enough Americans get it yet. (h/t Uncle J @ B5)

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El Capitan is back in Iraq. He’ll be part of a Coalition Air Force Transition Team (CAFTT) training the Iraqi Air Force. Go check out his blog. Lots of pictures, including pre-deployment training.

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I was busy yesterday and read the below articles in between errands, etc., but didn’t have time to put up a formal post for any of them. So I’ll just stick them up here in one post. All of them are worth reading. They’re in no particular order.

Crittenden: How to read AP articles. (Via Instapundit)

Confederate Yankee: Update on AP and the AP reporter in Iraq, Michael Yon, and Baqubah. (Via Instapundit) Funny how the AP seems to be checking out the competition.

Confederate Yankee: Hearing Officer recommends charges in the first Marine’s court-martial case to come to trial be dropped. I have the urge to print it and mail it to Murtha.

Michael Yon: New report titled, Al-Qaeda on the Run: Feasting on the Moveable Beast.

Back Talk: In hindsight, AQ’s strategy in Iraq becomes crystal clear. (Via Instapundit) Also check out the rift he discovered between The Islamic Army and the Islamic State of Iraq on the web site for the Islamic State of Iraq.

Pajamas Media: “Eloi For Breakfast” It’s a reminder “… that keeping the peace isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be.” I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. (Via Instapundit)

Instapinch: Remembering BG Robin Olds. (Via John at Op-For who says, “The story is so classic fighter pilot, it hurts.”)

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Cool Video

John at Op-For posted two clips of an IMAX documentary film on Operation Red Flag that are pretty cool. I think you’ll enjoy seeing them. He also has a link up to the Amazon page for the 2-disc DVD set. This is the product description at Amazon:

A state-of-the-art, edge of your seat experience! Get in the cockpit with the world’s best pilots to witness the most challenging flying of their careers… Follow a young American pilot as he makes his way through Red Flag – the world’s most intense, simulated air war, training event – where U.S. and international pilots, ground crews, mechanics and rescue personnel are taken to the limits of their endurance. Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag delivers speeds of up to 800 miles per hour with thundering, roaring, screaming sound and stunning aerobatics that will blow you away! Filmed over the Nevada desert with unprecedented access to military procedures, the film features an enormous armada of aircraft including four American squadrons of F-15C Eagles and F-15E Strike Eagles, F-16 Aggressors, Stealth F-117s, B-1B Lancers, B-2 Stealth bomber, C-17 Globemaster III, a U-2R and more… This DVD version of the film has been specially mixed and mastered to produce an outstanding DTS Digital Surround and Dolby Digital 5.1 home theatre experience.

Disc 2 offers the complete feature in Microsoft Windows Media Video High Definition, playable on your PC widescreen version only). WMV HD delivers up to 1080p resolution(6 times the resolution of standard definition DVD video) and 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound

Let me know if any of you are interested.

Oh! There’s also a link in the above post to the Fighter Pilot site which has a flash game. I totally sucked of course.

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