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Willie Nelson – Stardust


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You for Christmas


Karmina and its record label, CBS Records, are giving a gift to the troops and their families of a download of their new holiday song, “You For Christmas”. It is their gift to the troops who are separated from their loved ones, and to those awaiting their return.

Click the button to listen.

The song can be downloaded at The Music Corner on AnySoldier.com

(Via Mudville Gazette)

12:07 pm EST

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Kid RockDale Earnhardt, Jr. The National Guard!

The full version, including the behind the scenes making of the music video, is at the National Guard Warrior page. Good stuff.  You can also download the song at the site.

10:04 am EST


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To The Fallen Records

TTFR is the world’s first and only record label dedicated to members of the military.  From their YouTube page:

To The Fallen Records was created in 2006 by Army CPT Sean Gilfillan and his business partner Ms. Sidney DeMello. TTFR showcases the incredible musical talent inside the military community. Whether they are active duty, reserve, guard or veterans; country, hip hop, rock, or jazz; Army, Air Force, Navy or Marine Corps; To The Fallen Records is the ONLY record label in the world strictly dedicated to getting their music out to the public.

On the Web.

On YouTube.

On MySpace.

On iTunes.

There are three CDs:  one Country, one Hip-Hop, and one Rock.  Especially spend some time at the TTFR website where they have one free download per month.  Here’s a music video of “Support US” by TTFR featured artist, Soldier Hard.

(H/T to JP in the Milblogging.com newsletter)

P.S.  I notice TTFR has a link to HOOAH!!! RADIO in their sidebar.  I used to listen to it on the computer a lot back in 2006.  You can even record a Shoutout for the troops (or your favorite troop) that will be played on the radio.

7:01 pm EST

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Citizen Soldier

While I was tooling around YouTube, I happened across this great video featuring the song, Citizen Soldier, by  3 Doors Down.  I like this band and already have several of their songs on iTunes.  They teamed up with the National Guard to produce this movie/music video.  At the National Guard’s site for the movie they’re giving away a free mp3 download of the song to the first 10,000 people.  Of course, you can also buy the song through iTunes.

12:45 am EST

For the lyrics, click (more…)

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One of the participants in last night’s Move America Forward web telethon was Diana Nagy. She sings an amazing song written by her mother and titled “Where Freedom Flies”. They played an excerpt from the video on the telethon last night. Here’s the full version of the video. If you like the song, you can purchase it at iTunes or order a cd at CD Baby.

11:07 am EST

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A song by new Country Music Artist Dennis Wilson.

(via Blackfive)

7:58 pm EST

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