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In The Wall Street Journal.

It is said that generals always fight the last war. But when David Petraeus came to town it was senators – on both sides of the aisle – who battled over the Iraq war of 2004-2006. That war has little in common with the war we are fighting today.

I may well have spent more time embedded with combat units in Iraq than any other journalist alive. I have seen this war – and our part in it – at its brutal worst. And I say the transformation over the last 14 months is little short of miraculous.

Yon argues to keep more boots on the ground, and concludes:

We know now that we can pull off a successful counterinsurgency in Iraq. We know that we are working with an increasingly willing citizenry. But counterinsurgency, like community policing, requires lots of boots on the ground. You can’t do it from inside a jet or a tank.

Over the past 15 months, we have proved that we can win this war. We stand now at the moment of truth. Victory – and a democracy in the Arab world – is within our grasp. But it could yet slip away if our leaders remain transfixed by the war we almost lost, rather than focusing on the war we are winning today.

But my absolute favorite part is this:

A young Iraqi translator, wounded in battle and fearing death, asked an American commander to bury his heart in America. Iraqi special forces units took to the streets to track down terrorists who killed American soldiers. The U.S. military is the most respected institution in Iraq, and many Iraqi boys dream of becoming American soldiers. Yes, young Iraqi boys know about “GoArmy.com.”

Read it all. (Via Instapundit who says to buy Yon’s new book, Moment of Truth In Iraq: How a New ‘Greatest Generation’ of American Soldiers is Turning Defeat and Disaster into Victory and Hope. You can also buy an autographed edition from the publisher, which I did back in January. It arrived earlier this week.)

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For those of you unaware of the farce known as “The Winter Soldier Investigation”, please visit WinterSoldier.com. Read the main page, as well as the Key Points. Both are rather brief. While there now exists extensive documentation exposing the “investigation” conducted by VVAW (Vietnam Veterans Against the War), as well as the subsequent testimony before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations in 1971, as shams, the above two pages should give you the gist of what happened and the truth which was eventually discovered upon closer scrutiny. With the help of the media and other anti-war groups, the lies concocted by the VVAW unleashed havoc upon this nation and slandered an entire generation of its veterans.

Why does that matter today? Winter Soldier II is why.

IVAW (Iraq Veterans Against the War), a group modeled after the VVAW, is about to conduct its own Winter Soldier Investigation in Silver Spring, Maryland on March 15, 2008. The media will no doubt report on this event. If, as during the Vietnam War, the media once again simply regurgitates these stories without first conducting extensive, in-depth investigations as to their authenticity, Americans and the entire world could once again be bombarded with lies designed to discredit America, dishonor another generation of America’s veterans, and provoke a premature withdrawal from Iraq and/or Afghanistan that would most likely result in the deaths of thousands of citizens of those countries. History has taught us the folly of such paths. We must not allow history to repeat itself.

Fortunately, many have learned the lesson. One such group of Americans, Eagles Up!, headed by Colonel Harry Riley, USA, Ret, intends to oppose the IVAW Winter Soldier II hearings, and to conduct a patriots’ march in Washington, D.C. on March 15, 2008. You can learn more at the Eagles Up! site. Col. Riley’s March 7, 2008 article at Human Events.com explains why it is so important to Lock Arms with American Defenders.

Not all of us can be warriors on the battlefield in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, we can be warriors on the battlefields at home. If you can, participate in a pro-troop rally. At the very least, make sure you stay informed. Do not take the media at its word. If you hear a disturbing story, take the time to search for the truth yourself. Most milbloggers have extensive military backgrounds and maintain active duty military contacts. They have made it their mission to support the troops, investigate questionable reports involving the military, and are not hesitant to critize the government, the Pentagon, or military brass. Regularly reading a reputable milblogger is a crucial part of staying informed. In the recent past, a number of stories the media failed to thoroughly fact check before reporting were proven to be inaccurate or entirely false by reputable blogs. Once you are satisfied you have found the truth, do not keep it to yourself. Share the information with others.

With the constant onslaught of negativity from the media and anti-war groups, it’s easy to become discouraged, but this is not the time to become apathetic or give up. The soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan have not given up.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.
Thomas Paine

Now, more than ever, we must defend those who are defending our freedom.

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