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Ex-Marine Murtha (Not former Marine Murtha, EX-Marine Murtha.  In the Marine Corps that’s a significant difference.) was given a citation for his “selfless devotion to the Nation’s Sailors and Marines…”?   Really?  For his devotion to repeatedly claiming on national television that eight United States Marines were cold-blooded killers?

That would be these eight Marines he’s taling about. From the Don’t Honor John Murtha Petition to the Secretary of the Navy:

Eight Marines were originally charged. As of March 17th, 2009 all charges were dropped against six Marines, one was found not guilty on all counts in courts martial. The prosecution has delayed the court martial of the final defendant indefinitely. The original allegations of a massacre and the statements of Congressman Murtha have been thoroughly discredited. Despite the facts, John Murtha refuses to apologize to those he slandered.

Is this citation really about Murtha’s devotion to United States Sailors and Marines?

Sign the Petition. I already did.

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