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Remember the attack on police in Amsterdam and the ensuing nightly violence? It hasn’t stopped. Klein Verzet now has 16 updates on the continuing violence, as well as the appeasing attitude of the mayor (Update 14), the Amersterdam Police Commissioner (Updates 11 & 13), and others.

While this violence and destruction is not on as large a scale as the Paris riots in 2005, it’s still news. Isn’t it? Shouldn’t it be? Guess not.

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We’re stupid!

New York City engages in disgusting masochistic dhimmitude lighting up The Empire State Building to celebrate the end of Ramadan while terrorists purposefully target children.

Except for the title of the Reuter’s story and five measly paragraphs, the entire thing — all 3 pages of it — is about all the Iraqi civilians being killed by the evil U.S. military. The U.N. gets in on the act too. The article implies the terrorists were nowhere near the civilians who were killed (emphasis mine):

In the same operation, the U.S. military said it also killed 19 insurgents in strikes on two locations. The strikes targeted suspected leaders of al Qaeda, accused of attacking U.S. and Iraqi forces, tribal leaders and civilians across the country.

As Jules Crittendon notes, air support was called in AFTER U.S. ground forces were fired upon. Clearly, civilians got killed because terrorists used them for cover. And yet, we investigate ourselves. This is lunacy.

Bah! A pox on the MSM, the U.N., and New York City.

11:08:34 pm EST

UPDATE (10/13/07 @ 1:09:00 pm EST):  LGF has an update on The Empire State Building and a pic if you can stomach seeing it.  Also linked is a scathing Investor’s Business Daily article, Sharia By The Inch, which also points out one of President Bush’s weaknesses.  Read the whole thing.  They’re right.

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In the United States House of Representatives. (h/t Ace of Spades HQ)


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Mike at The Monkey Tennis Centre says the UK’s Commission for Equalities and Human Rights is advocating rewriting British history to include some positive PR for Muslims. He then goes on to point out the reality of those times. It’s a must read.

He also tears apart a New York Times article on Blackwater that was an enjoyable read.

1:09:57 pm EST

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Dhimmitude in Vancouver

Cultural accommodations for Muslims but not for us infidels. This makes me angry, but also sad. I really liked Vancouver a lot.

11:16:46 am EST

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