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President Putin forged an alliance with Iran yesterday against any military action by the West and pledged to complete the controversial Iranian nuclear power plant at Bushehr.

It’s bad, but I’m not sure it means Russian would be willing to go to war with or for Iran against the West.

A summit of Caspian Sea nations in Tehran agreed to bar foreign states from using their territory for military strikes against a member country. Mr Putin, the first Kremlin leader to visit Iran since the Second World War, insisted that the use of force was unacceptable.

According to the TimesOnline article, there’s money involved. Natch.

— Gazprom, Russia’s state-controlled energy company, has invested $750 million (£370 million) in projects in Iran

— Russia exports $2 billion of metal and machinery to Iran a year

— Russia has supplied nuclear technology to Iran, including the $1 billion Bushehr reactor

— Russia is a key supplier of arms to Iran, including a $700 million air-defence system, MiG29 combat aircraft and T72 tanks

— Iran’s goodwill is useful for Russia’s attempts to control fractious Muslim minorities in Central Asia and the Caucasus

— Both countries oppose the eastward expansion of Nato

The Bear may be bigger than the Crocodile and think he can safely feed it, but that doesn’t mean the Crocodile won’t turn on the Bear and take off his leg, or worse. After all, the Bear is in close proximity.

Today, President Bush, said a nuclear Iran could mean World War III.

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Iran in a panic?

Sweet. (via Instapundit)
That got me to thinking. If I wanted to fly from Tel Aviv to, oh, I don’t know, say, Tehran, what countries would I be flying over?


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Talk is cheap

From today’s Opinion Journal, Bush and Iran. After reading this article, I once again ask:

  • Why is the U.S. in the U.N.?
  • Why is the U.N. in the U.S.?
  • Whose side is the State Department on?

Mr. President, I know you know what needs done. Can we please get on with it?

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More Michael Totten

While I was reading Michael Totten’s two reports on Ramadi, he put up a new post linking to his feature article, The Next Iranian Revolution, How armed exiles are working to topple Tehran’s Islamic Government, published online in the October issue of Reason magazine. He met personally with the exile group now located in northern Iraq. Very interesting stuff.

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Captain’s Quarters points to an article in The Wall Street Journal Online about Iranian Revolutionary Guard members in Iraq. [emphasis mine]

Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch, whose command includes the volatile southern rim of Baghdad and districts to the south, said his troops are tracking about 50 members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps in their area — the first detailed allegation that Iranians have been training fighters within Iraq’s borders. “We know they’re here and we target them as well,” he said, citing intelligence reports as evidence of their presence.

He declined to be more specific and said no Iranian forces have been arrested in his territory. “We’ve got about 50 of those,” he said, referring to the Iranian forces. “They go back and forth. There’s a porous border.”

I hope what the good Major General is really saying when he uses the words “tracking”, “target”, and none “have been arrested” is that our Special Forces types hunted the scum down and killed them, or is in the process of doing so.

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Project ACORN

We can only defeat ourselves, because there’s no way we could lose to people this disturbingly insane. The graphic is really funny. (Via Danger Room)

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What Year Is It?

Last week, the Iranians paraded their U.S. hostages all over TV as they confessed to engaging in espionage. . .

It was deja vu as I read today’s opinion column from Mark Steyn. Pictures flashed before my eyes of a pasty-faced, sweater-clad, mealy-mouthed, ineffectual, surrender monkey. So why are we talking with these thugs about anything? Tell me again, who’s our president?

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