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Charles Martin at Explorations is keeping a running list of Palin Rumors being floated on the net and in the media.  If, like me, you’re having a hard time keeping track of them all, what’s true and what isn’t, check it out.  Some funny stuff.

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Nancy Pelosi has hall monitors out in force.  On August 2, under a new, April 17 hallway policy issued by Pelosi, they recently censored a poster tribute to fallen Marines from Camp LeJeune that Rep. Walter Jones (R) from North Carolina had displayed outside his office in the Capitol Building (via Deebow @ B5).    More here, via Hot Air Headlines.

The Republican congressman now opposes the War in Iraq after initially supporting it. He has even called for President Bush to apologize for the war. It seems that it is not political opposition to his views of the war that spurned Speaker Nancy Pelosi D-CA to order the removal of the poster. They were on the same ideological team in that regard. So what was it about the poster that bugged the Speaker?
Mr. Fein, when reached for further comment explained that in the weeks before this incident, the Speaker had complained about the poster which rested on an easel. In response the congressman had removed it from the easel and hung it on the wall so it would not obstruct hallway traffic. Still the Speaker persisted and had it removed from the wall. Some observers consider that a direct affront to service members and veterans stemming from at best a callousness towards the intent of the placard, to recognize those who died for our country.

It’s not just about the poster though.  Democrats in the House have also been accused of attempting to limit the free of speech of our elected Representatives.  Do Americans really want another term for Speaker Pelosi?

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It came to my attention a few day ago that Frosty Froggy suddenly started getting errors when she tried to submit a comment.  Yesterday, Charles Johnson confirmed there was a code problem with Site Meter that was affecting IE7 browsers.  I checked with Frosty Froggy and she does use IE7.  I’m still not certain if Site Meter is what’s causing her particular problem as she is able to read the blog, but just can’t leave a comment.  Anyway, if anyone else is having a problem commenting, try using an earlier version of IE or a different browser altogether, such as Firefox.  If that doesn’t solve the problem, let me know and I’ll remove Site Meter.

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Below is the link where you can watch Move America Forward’s internet telethon, From the Frontlines, that I mentioned here. It begins at 4 PM today and ends at Midnight (Eastern).

From the Frontlines channel at UStream TV

Move American Forward has a widget on the front page where you can follow the amount raised for care packages, as well as a link to the guest schedule. BTW, have you sponsored a Care Package yet?

2:11 pm EST
UPDATE (6/27/08 @ 10:29 am EST):

I stayed up last night and watched the web telethon all the way to the end. I loved it! They had some great guests. Move America Forward met it’s goal to raise $500,000, and then some, to send care packages to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. In fact, they raised a total amount of $1,055,719! Wow! Americans do love and appreciate the troops.

Below is a screen cap I took at 11:58 pm last night. That’s Melanie Morgan of MAF on the left, then Gold Star Mother Debbie Lee, whose son, Navy SEAL Mark Lee, was the first SEAL killed in Iraq, and, on the right, Michelle Malkin.

If you didn’t get a chance to donate, the fundraiser will continue until July 2, so you still have time to be a part of this historic event supporting the troops.

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Contribute to Move America Forward’s campaign to ship the largest number of care packages in history to U.S. troops. The drive is going on now and ends June 26th with an eight hour internet telethon, From the Frontlines, between 4 P.M. and Midnight (Eastern). They hope to have the packages in the troops’ hands by the 4th of July holiday.

Check out some of the talk radio hosts and others who will be participating in the internet telethon. There’s more information at Hot Air, including other groups helping with the effort.

For your convenience, here’s the link to Move America Forward’s page at The Campaign Store where you can choose from several different care packages to sponsor. What are you waiting for? It’s easy. Just do it! Then mark your calendars and check out the internet telethon on June 26th.

8:09 pm EST

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Amazon can’t be beat

In my experience, when ordering online, Amazon can’t be touched. I placed an eight item order this morning at 10:25 am, and received my email notice that my order shipped at 4:51 pm. Does it get any easier or better (no tax, and with Amazon Prime, no shipping charges) than that? I think not!

4:57:26 pm EST

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Thank you, Google.

Last night while preparing the Veterans Day post, I noticed Google did not have a Veterans Day graphic yet again. I mentioned it in the post with a link to Google, but deleted it prior to posting, deciding instead to check again today. Good thing I did.

For the first time ever since 1999, Google has a Veterans Day logo graphic. While I think the logo could have been better, at least Google has finally acknowledged our veterans.


When you click on the graphic at Google, you get search results for “veterans day”.

12:48:11 pm EST

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